5 Signs You’re a Trainer Approaching Burnout

Trainers burn out. What starts out with a flame of passion and enthusiasm, flickers out for numerous reasons. Early mornings, late nights, a myriad of demands and expectations from a lot of people It’s like a death from a thousand paper cuts. It’s not one thing that causes the crash and burn. Its a slowContinue reading “5 Signs You’re a Trainer Approaching Burnout”

Overwhelmed and Burned Out? The Keys to Reducing Your Mental Load

One way to keep ourselves mentally healthy is to work on becoming more resilient to life’s stressors. However, that can only take us so far. Eventually, no matter how resilient you make yourself, you start to crack and your mental load takes its toll. Sometimes we need to reduce the mental load that is onContinue reading “Overwhelmed and Burned Out? The Keys to Reducing Your Mental Load”

Increase Mental Capacity; Increase Mental Resilience

Think of a bucket. That bucket is the capacity in which you can handle stress. Physically, as coaches and trainers, we think of this in terms of load. When the load becomes too much, the bucket can’t take any more. When this happens, our bodies break down, we see injury or pain set in. WhenContinue reading “Increase Mental Capacity; Increase Mental Resilience”

5 Simple Ways to Add Self Care This Week

This year has been shit if we’re going to be perfectly blunt about it. However, if there is one takeaway that can be gained, its that our mental wellbeing is vital to our long term health. We’ve learned that we need to practice some sort of self care in order to be our best selvesContinue reading “5 Simple Ways to Add Self Care This Week”

Self Care is Simple…It’s Just Not Easy

As with most things that we do when it relates to health, like our exercise program or nutrition strategy, results lie it their simplicity. However, just because something is simple does not mean it is easy. There are many external as well as internal factors to account for that makes something simple so challenging. WhyContinue reading “Self Care is Simple…It’s Just Not Easy”

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